Favourite spots on campus: Lunik Co-op

My relationship with Lunik Co-op began with a tweet.

I believe Juan was behind the @LunikCoop twitter account at the time :)

I believe Juan was behind the @LunikCoop twitter account at the time :)

Before I was an eAmbassador, I had no idea I was being watched. Someone made the connection that I tweeted about Glendon sometimes and I was unknowingly followed by members of the Glendon community.

Lunik was probably one of the first groups that interacted with me online. This was weird back then. After being thoroughly weirded out, I did my ninja stalking on them, and found out it was a café in the basement of the manor. It took me a while to make my visit but I fell in love. So much so that I vlogged my experience on my first YouTube channel.

The space (and me) look totally different now. Sidenote: This was kind of an audition vlog that helped me get my eAmbassador position. We do audition blogs for our applicants so start one if you’re interested!


From then, I became a regular volunteer in the space. My Glendon friends who didn’t spend much time in the space called it my bat cave. Because I was a commuter, it was a treasured place on campus for me to freely chill out in while feeling totally comfortable doing so.


I learned so many things at Lunik, like how to make myself a latte!

At the end of my first year, the Coordinator at the space announced that there will be a team of 6 Coordinators helping to maintain the space next year. Naturally, I applied. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else on campus.

I became the Social Space Coordinator during my second year. It was stressful, and there was a lot of growing done in that year, both for the space and me personally. Because it was the first year with an expanded coordinator team, there was a lot of transitioning that needed to be done with the space management being delegated between 6 people.

Lunik Coordinators 12-13

With these 5 other beautiful people, we met weekly for hour-long meetings to struggle through our problems together, and we became a support group for each other.

During that year, the space expanded in the types of events we offered to the campus. With the GCSU, we hosted a bunch of open mic nights, or Café Chantant for students to take the stage. With drinks, good company, and student talent, Lunik was a great place to unwind on Tuesday nights.


Sometimes we called up local (and international) talent to take the stage. Some of the coordinators find the most talented people :)


While my old position has been integrated into other positions, I helped to establish a new position on the coordinator team as I left. I proposed to have an External Communications position onto the team, because any good organization should have a designated person managing their promotions and outreach.

The new position was created, and though I was planning to apply for the position myself, I decided last minute that I didn’t want to continue as a Lunik Coordinator anymore. While I had an incredible experience and I knew it wouldn’t be as stressful the second time around, I wanted to roam the other options I had to student involvement on campus.


Though I wasn’t able to volunteer and spend as much time in the space this past year, Lunik is still a space very dear to my heart. I still maintain ties to the space as a Treasurer on their Board of Directors, and making it my go-to spot when I’m in need of insightful conversation. I attend their Café Chantant and Late-Night Lunik’s whenever I can, and I usually suggest my class groups and clubs to hold meetings there.

If you’re going to be a commuter student, you’ll need a go-to space on campus. To relax in, to spend off-hours between classes, to nap in. If you’re someone with dietary restrictions, Lunik offers light meals and snacks with vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options, all for very cheap.

Though it’s located a little out of the way in the basement of the Manor, it’s definitely a beloved space of our campus.


Check out Lunik online: Web | Facebook | Twitter


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